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Your refrigerator is an essential part of your kitchen. It has to keep running so that the dairy, produce, meats, poultry, and fish stay and cold and preserved. A broken down refrigerator results in thawed or melted food that spoils. Nobody wants to throw out perfectly good food. That’s why you need to take care of refrigerator problems right away! You will need to hire an appliance repair service that gives you same-day service to repair freezers and refrigerators (service information)

You’ve got the right place when you call Gold Appliance Repair. We are able to repair all the usual refrigerator issues on an initial appointment and the same day you call. We work quickly to make sure that your refrigerator or freezer is functioning again and so that no food has to be thrown out.



We get the most service calls for refrigerators because of loud noises, more than any other of the problems related to freezers or fridges. The most common causes for noise coming from the refrigerator are a broken condenser fan motor or damaged evaporator fan motor, which is inside the freezer. If you can, try to tell us the source of the noise when you call so we can be sure to bring the correct tools and parts to repair the problem.


Don’t ignore water leaking from your refrigerator. The most common causes are broken water inlet valves, or problems with the door closure or latch. If these are not fixed you will have condensation and mold issues. We fill our vans with the parts to fix these problems on a quick service call.


When a refrigerator won’t run you need to check to see that it is getting electricity. Make sure it is plugged in and there is not a tripped circuit breaker. The two reasons that we routinely fix are a broken compressor overload relay or a malfunctioning temperature control.


We fix ice makers that don’t make ice or ones that work too slowly and result in smelly ice cubes. When you have a broken water inlet valve or damaged water fill tube, this is when the ice maker will not work. Call us for a same-day fix.


Refrigerators may run warmer or colder than the setting that you desire. A broken air inlet damper is what usually causes a too-warm refrigerator. A too-cold refrigerator is usually caused by a bad thermistor or temperature control. Freezers have the same issues. We repair these problems on all major brands.


Although it is an unusual problem, we do see water dispensers that do not work. We fix these too! The problem is typically a bad dispenser actuator or water inlet valve. Despite its rarity, we carry the parts necessary to fix this issue on all major brands including Sears, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and GE.


You need to fix door latch problems on your refrigerator as they end up causing condensation, spoiled food, and leaks. Call us for repairs. We will check out the latch, gaskets, seals, and hinges to make sure the door closes properly. And, while we are there, we can replace burned out lightbulbs too!